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Leading removers of unwanted scrap metal. Southampton is our home, but we help customers clear their properties from scrap all around the county and beyond.

If you’ve been putting off getting your scrap removed, or you’ve been avoiding a trip to the tip, you’re not alone. We make it so simple, you’ll wonder why it took so long to give us a call.

We remove your scrap and take it to our private yard, full of scrap metal in Southampton. Recycling is a priority and we do our best to help the planet with every job we undertake.

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We’ve serviced Hampshire and Dorset since 2000, providing clearances on short notice to thousands of happy customers. From small jobs to huge site-wide clearances, our team have seen it all.

We believe we represent the best choice for removing scrap metal in Southampton and the surrounding areas. Our trucks come with weighing tools onboard, meaning you’ll get a price before your scrap has even left your property.

A crane assisting with scrap metal collection in Southampton.
Scrap metal collection in Southampton.

More than just a
collection service

Our ethos emphasises recycling wherever possible, meaning you can rest assured you’re not damaging the environment when working with us.

Customer service is a priority. You’ll be guaranteed fast service, fast payment and a team who complete every job thoroughly and accurately.

Removing scrap metal in Southampton is something we’ve done for over two decades. Our experience is your gain.

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If you’re looking to scrap your car, in Southampton or surrounding areas, We’re the team you need.

We guarantee the best price on the day, same-day removal and provide duty of care waste transfer notes with every job.

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